Tuesday, July 30, 2013

My little helper Saturday

I'm waiting for some boards to be delivered, so no new artwork this week, but I thought I would post the answers to some frequently asked questions people ask me at the Saturday Market. BTW, I have some new products for next Saturday that I am excited about.

"That's colored pencil?!"

Yes, it is colored pencil.

"It's so realistic, why not just take a picture?"

The short answer is I am a lousy photographer! I hope the more you look at my drawings you can see the subtle gradations, the mood I injected, and the style behind my drawings.

"Why are your prints on canvas?"

I like the way the texture of the canvas works with the texture of my drawings. Also I varnish them so they can be framed without glass.

"Why are your canvas prints not stretched?"

I like the way my prints look in frames and it helps me keep costs down.

"Wow, how long did that take you?"

A long, long time.

"Colored pencils - like Crayola?"

I use professional grade colored pencils that have better pigmentation than student grade pencils, and lightfast qualities.

If you have anymore questions you would like to ask me please do so in the comments!

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