Monday, August 12, 2013

Please Hang Up

Not titled - yet
12" x 36" 

I am starting a new series of still-lifes, larger scale than I have been doing. They will be 12" x 36" and possibly 24" x 30" depicting vintage items. This is the first of the series depicting an old rotary phone. 

Here it is in context leaning against my stairs and next to the phone in the picture. For most of the work I started each part with a midtone for that section and then added in the highlight, shadows, color tints,  and details on top of it. 

I thought I would also share some in progress shots as well. 


Diane Hoeptner (hep-ner) said...

Ohemgeeeee!!!! This is so delightful. LOVE, love, love it!! It must be astounding at that size, however do you work that CP magic so fast??!!! Can't wait to see more vintage goodness.

Nicole Caulfield said...

Thank you Diane!! I have this bad habit of doing 12 hour stints where I can't stop working! You can get a lot finished when you don't stop!

Rebecca Prough said...

This is amazing! What surface are you using for those big sizes? I am so impressed!

Nicole Caulfield said...

Thank you Rebecca! It is on Amperand Pastelbrod - sand colored.