Monday, March 12, 2007

Colored Pencil Sky Workshop

I haven't started a new piece yet. I am itching to but have had family obligations... today is the day my girls have dance classes at different times in the day so I reserve it for errands.

I wanted to post a reminder about the workshop I have coming up this Saturday March 17th. We will be doing skies in colored pencil. I am even going to break out the solvent and have everyone try really "painting" with their colored pencil! The workshop is from 1-4 pm at Artworks in Keene, NH. Artworks is affiliated with the Moving Company Dance Center and that's who you contact to sign up: (603) 357-2100.

Workshop: Painting the Sky in colored pencil1-4 pm Saturday, March 17Artworks in Keene, NH$25Learn how to create realistic skies with colored pencil on board. Students will be able to buy a board at the workshop and colored pencils will be supplied. Bring your own pencils for more of a variety and a battery operated/electric sharpener if you have one. Artworks Studios in Keene 30 Washington St.


Casey Klahn said...

Gee, and I was just thinking about trying Wordpress.
A choir of angels began singing when you started your blogspot, though. So, it must be destiny.
I always wondered what would happen if I hit that big, glowing "Delete This Blog" gel button on my dashboard...
I still think that the cyber thingys still have your pages out there, somewhere, but what do I know?
"Open the pod bay doors, Hal."
"I can't do that, Dave..."

Nicole Caulfield said...

Thanks for the laugh Casey! I needed it...

I bet it still is somewhere... I deleted it from the inside of my website providers dashboard... I had this big database on there and didn't know what it was... my husband finds this terribly funny. That's what happens when you marry a webprogrammer who sets up blogs instead of giving Valentine's Day gifts!