Sunday, March 11, 2007

Wine Bigger

Welcome to my new and improved blog. Well its new and improved because I mistakenly erased my other blog which was stored with my website. So this time I thought I'd use blogger and let it be hosted there. Of course someone had the blogger url I wanted - my own name! That's the first time that has happened!

This was the last artwork I posted on the old blog. It is 18 x 24" and the first time I used solvent on a large scale with my colored pencils. It gives a very painterly look, essentially because it is painting.

I put the pencil down messily but like I was doing the beginning layers of pencil on any drawing. Then I used a flat 1/4" watercolor brush and brushed solvent over the pencil. You have to be careful with this step if you don't want to mix all the colors in a part... like with the wine bottles I have all the shading on there so I had to clean the brush in the solvent and go back in when I switched between the dark parts of the bottle and the lighter parts. If it wasn't coming out the right values I worked wet in wet and scribbled pencil over areas and brushed again with the brush. I used a lot of solvent I think... and it felt like working on a watercolor painting.


andrea joseph's sketchblog said...

Oh my God! How did you manage to delete your blog?? You must be devastated.

This picture is totally amazing as always. That glass...

Nicole Caulfield said...

Hi Andrea. Well I was shocked for about 30 seconds and then realized there was nothing I could do about it. Oh well!

Thanks so much!