Saturday, June 30, 2007


Chocolate Speed Painting Video by EclecticAsylumArt on You Tube

This is the most amazing display of self-promotion I have seen an artist do.

He makes "speed painting" videos and puts them on You Tube. Not just any speed painting videos though - he uses things like Ketchup to make portraits or in this case Chocolate Syrup. He puts it all to music and even promotes the band playing. Its fun, he gets lots and lots of plays because people like me find it fun and link to it or mark it as a favorite on You Tube. Then you look for more videos by him - I mean what else can he use to make a portrait besides chocolate and ketchup? So you click on the link for his website (off of YouTube) and where does it go? Ebay auctions for him to do a portrait for you. I am tempted to buy one myself. This man is a genius....

here's some more videos by him:

with Vegemite and Toast - This one displays a really good use of the graph technique for drawing and using 3 values for a study: value 3 is the vegemite, 2 is the toast, and one he scratches out the toast surface to get the highlights. I love the music on this one!

with ketchup and what looks like barbecue sauce - It also includes a special celebrity appearance so it is worth watching.

& the link to his ebay auctions

& NOW LOOK AT THIS - if you make a good You Tube people like me put it on their blogs and you get even more promotion. As I said - genius.


Ranjini vc said...

that's a really amazing video! It made my hubby sit and watch :) Thanks for the link.. I really want to order one for myself!

Fannie said...

This was unique and incredible. A marketing genius. Thanks for sharing.

Mike said...

Isn't it hilarious! I have bookmarked him on my utube so I can watch more when he makes them! said...

oops that was nicole's comment - I typed in under my husband's name by accident!