Friday, June 29, 2007

All Washed Up

I'm not totally satisfied with the composition on this one, but I am happy with the overall feeling of it and the textures. I like how the back of the table line, which usually would be too harsh the way it is depicted, reminds me of the horizontal lines at the beach between sand and water and water and sky. The other thing I think works well is the subtle reflections on the tabletop which mimick the light reflecting off of water washed up on a shore.

& who doesn't like to be reminded of their memories at the beach? There's not too many memories that you remember from childhood but I can remember every time we went to the ocean. Well I was from Chicagoland, extremely far from any ocean. I was probably 8 when I saw an ocean for the first time in Cape Cod. I actually was a bit terrified at how big the waves were - they were much differnet from the ones I knew from Lake Michigan! :)


Fannie said...

Your painting reminds me of home--the Big Island of Hawaii. The glass bottles and shells remind me of the shells and broken, but smooth, glass pieces I collected along the rocky shores of Laupahoehoe Beach. Your composition worked for me. Thanks for the memories.

visioneerwindows said...

I do like your coloring of the shells..... the glasses myself have seen are usually darker than yours,especially the float balls, but that would just be compositional differences... does seem like one for a series of 'memories' as it were... as always with you, great work [thumbsup]

Luann said...

I just saw this in the window at the gallery in downtown Keene--and it is BEAUTIFUL!! It was my favorite painting in the window.
Good work, Nichole--I love this series!