Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Sidewalk Drawings!!

We did it! Jess Ventura and I made chalk drawings/paintings on the sidewalk in downtown Keene, NH for our town's Art Walk artist demonstration day. We weren't the only artists there, there were a lot of demonstrators, but we were the only ones kneeling on the sidewalk and getting filthy. Yes filthy. Not only downtown regulars got to see the work but many of the schools in town had field trips to come see the artists and artwork and they really enjoyed the chalk drawings.

This was the first time either of us had done this and I haven't even used pastels besides once in high school, so we were both a bit worried about how it would go. We learned some tricks though so if you ever want to do one and need some tips email me!
Check out that image above all this babble - up there - a caterpillar somehow appeared and was crawling through my drawing in progress. I was really surprised at how much he smeared as he went through!


Belinda Lindhardt said...

wow Nicole you just do everything dont you !! Thats so fabulous what a wonderful and fun thing to do.

They look absolutely fabulous !! well done :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Nicole- Since the cruise I've been getting back to normal and just read your blog .....I want you to know that I felt like I was meeting royalty when I met YOU! I was blown away by using Ampersand and hurried home to order some. I'll try to scan and send you my first effort, a portrait,of course. Your sidewalk art is awesome. Deb

Liz P said...

Nicole, I wish I knew about your sidewalk drawing event earlier... I would have zipped over to Keene to see it! These chalk art things seem to be big out west, but I haven't heard of too many around here. Always thought it would be fun to do, except for my old knees!
Your colored pencil work is amazing! And I love the horizontal format you showed in your last post.
You are just all-around inspiring!

jafabrit said...

That is totally cool!

Nicole Caulfield said...

Thanks so much everyone!!

HI DEB!! I can't wait to see your drawing!!

Liz lets start a sidewalk festival trend here in New England! They need ot be shaken up a bit here!

Nicole Caulfield said...

Hi Jafabrit! Thanks!

Belinda - you should have seen my little one while I was doing it! I had a babysitter for the first three hours then she was with for last 2 and a half. She did one of her own of course!

Anonymous said...

Pssh, caterpillars. They have no respect for fine art.

Really cool drawings! It's a shame they'll be washed away.

Nicole Caulfield said...

Yep they're gone now - we had quite a bit of rain yesterday and this morning. They did last a few days though!