Thursday, June 7, 2007

Fiesta Orange

Here's another one for Monadnock Fine Art Gallery - one step closer to that 6-10 pieces I need to bring in. I'm starting to get tired - I guess this momentum can't last forever. I love the rendering of them all, but coming up with the compositions and lighting them just wipes me out. I set this still-life up the day before I did the sidewalk drawing and then yesterday when I got back from Art Walk until I went to bed and today all day I've been working on the rendering.

I am terribly excited however to finally use one of the fiestaware mugs that I purchased on ebay. I bought 10 of them in all the different colors and they've been waiting impatiently to find a spot in one of my still-lifes. :)

I'm ready for a real coffee now! :)


Fannie said...

Another beautiful piece! Excellent composition. Look forward to seeing the remainder of your pieces for the Monadnock Fine Art Gallery. ;-D

Attempting to do all that you're doing at this time must be exhausting. Your professionalism, enthusiasm and dedication is inspiring.


Abby Creek Art said...

Wow, love this one, Nicole. Really stunning. I like the cherries just as much. Beautiful!

Anonymous said...

I agree, another beauty. I really like this size!

Nicole Caulfield said...

Thanks Fannie! It is a bit tiring. I just hope I don't crash!

Thanks Linda!

Thanks Meg - I love this format too - if you couldn't tell! ;-) It just so happens to be a standard size for Ampersand Pastelbord.