Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Wine-O Framed

& here it is framed. I use this frame for all my 6 x 18's - I bought a whole bunch of them from and I just love them. All the artists in my town use the same frame in gold, but it just didn't look right on mine so I got the black one. They are from the plein aire collection.

Its another sweltering day in NH. Yesterday we opted to go to the pool at my friend's condo and today we're braving it here. We have two little window air conditioners chugging away which helps greatly, but as our house is a raised ranch (meaning everything is on the second floor) and we have way too many south and west facing windows that just pour the sunlight in, we have to keep the house dark and hope the heat forgets about us!

I have all the new objects I bought on ebay and elsewhere set out to do a beach inspired still-life. I just need to coax the kids outside to the water slide and I can get started trying to find a good composition. Setting up still-lifes in my home without a studio requires moving furniture, namely the sofa, around to get at the window light, so I'd rather not have them inside as it gets messy quick!

& a bonus couple of shots of my littlest one munching on what was supposed to be a still-life!

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Fannie said...

Hi, Nicole. Since the cruise, I've been working only on Pastelbord. Now that I'm familiar with this surface--thanks to you--I'm really having fun.

I looked for the 6 x 18 frames at Are the frames you bought ready-made or custom frames?

It's amazing how quickly you're able to complete your paintings. You continue to inspire me. Thanks!