Thursday, July 5, 2007

Beach still a work in progress

I'm still working on this so even though everything is "filled in" its not necessarily finished. :-) I hope these beach themes ones are popular because I've bought loads of green bottles and I'm taking time away from my simple color series that I know people like! I may just have to do another Simple Color one (my series with all white and a pop of color) before doing another beach one!

Happy 5th of July everyone! That's the day after all the parties, fireworks etc that you just don't know what day of the week it is! We did the town fireworks on the 3rd at the baseball field the other day. They started much too late for my four year old - she like the first couple of minutes but was GRUMPY by the end! Then yesterday we had family over for what was supposed to be a barbecue but instead of preparing for it on the 3rd like I was supposed to, I was working on my beach glass drawing! Oops! So we ordered pizza and had good desserts and played with the kids which is what it was for anyway. My neighbor always put on a little kid parade on the street and we all invite kids over to decorate their bikes, wagons, etc to march in the parade with. Unfortunately this year it quite literally rained on our parade!

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