Sunday, July 8, 2007

This past week has been a bit difficult to get work done in! My husband stayed home from work M,T,W because of the holiday and then there were fireworks on the third and a party on the fourth. I finished the beach piece only by squeezing it in at night! Now I'm still recovering from a holiday week by catching up on the cleaning and laundry..

Yesterday was an errand day; stopping at the gallery in town, the photographers, the frame shop and then of course coffee and ice cream for the kids! They were not too happy with follwoing me all around downtown to do the errands.

So last night I started something new with blue and white pottery and a bit of yellow. I'll show it to you soon. I also have to work on another new kit for Ann Kullberg's site . This time it will be shells on Ampersand Pastelbord. I can't wait to sink my colored pencils into it! First though I am banished to a world of mating socks... such an unhappy place!

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Anonymous said...

Just throw all your socks in a giant basket. That's what I do! :)