Thursday, August 23, 2007

Small Classic Still-life

This is a small (8" x 10") still-life that can't get much more classic or simple. Obviously I'm not finished yet. I'm tempted to sit down and finish right now but I've got to do a demo tonight at Creative Encounters in downtown Keene and I need something to be working on. So if you're around tonight and would like to stop by and see me - come bearing coffee!

Beth asked to know more about the Art Supply Rummage Sale I did. It was actually my friend Luann Udell's idea, which she has done before. Its just as the name implies. We got together all our art supplies left over from old projects or when we thought we just might like another medium etc and did an old fashioned rummage sale. I was lucky because our downtown was having a sidewalk sale/ block party and the art school I teach at was giving out information for upcoming classes. So, I just had it at the same time and shared their tables which meant I didn't have to advertise it as there were instant people walking by. If you're not so lucky, you'll have to pay for an ad or two in your local newspaper and spread the word to other artists through emails and word of mouth.


Luann said...

Oh, Nichole, I gave you the idea, but it's not MY idea. I got it from Bonnie Blandford, a jewelry artist from Grand Rapids MI. She has helped organize an artist garage sale that's become a huge event in her town. I give her full credit.

It IS a great idea, though, isn't it? And next time, don't sell anything til I get there!!!

Nicole Caulfield said...

Thanks for the info Luann! OK OK I won't do it next time without you!!!