Monday, September 17, 2007

Smaller Version Dutch Still-life

Today's post is an 8" x 10" that is VERY similar to my last piece. The apple is moved over a smidge and the lid is put on the teacup. I guess i could have not told you the differences to see if you all could find them!

& then on a fun note - I got this fortune in my cookie the other night & I thought you all would appreciate it! I'd love to know what your thoughts are on what it says! Such wisdom from take out food!

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Anonymous said...


Your cookie made me think. Considering the merits of art is an excellent thing to do. But the word "judge" implies a comparison to some ideal. For instance, art gets judged for a show based on its merits and its flaws. Perhaps the lesson in the cookie was that no matter how you judge art (or anything), someone else will see it differently, and what you see as flaws, they could see as merits.

Also, your new still life is just as great as the old one. :D