Monday, October 22, 2007

Large Apple Drawing

Buffet Table 12" x 36"

Here it is pretty much finished - I reserve the right to adjust things still. :-) All the items in the still-life are slightly larger than life-size. That coupled with the format makes the viewer scan from left to right like they are walking past the table. Actually I believe that is literally what people will do when they view it at the library. It will be placed on the wall just as they walk in the door and in that situation few people will be seeing it from a distance they can "take in" the entire piece at once. Instead they will be walking along with it as you would a time line tacked up on a wall.

I consider this my first experiment with working large. There were several things I was surprised that were difficult. It was very tempting to make everything detailed and sharp, but with the very shallow tabletop, I needed to make sure some objects had dominance, especially the peeled apple on the plate. Since my shading style requires me to work flat on a table or semi-flat on a table I had to switch gears every 10-15 minutes, prop up the piece and wotk with it inclined.

I hope to make more pieces in this size!


Ranjini Vc said...

The piece looks amazing nicole!, as well as ur cute lil angel!:)

I have a small nitpick- the color of the topmost apple in the bowl seems a bit awkward to me. The place where red and yellow meet seems to form a horizontal line and my eye seem to get stuck there, how abt softening that area bit?

I can't wait to see what you do next with this size, am thinking one of your yummy desserts magnified:) Goodluck on ur show nicole!

Kasie @ ~The Art of Life~ said...

Beautiful Nicole! That is a large piece.
And to think you tackled that size in pencil. You are so brave.

hbedrosian said...

Beautifully done, Nicole. This has a very classical feel to me, yet the length of the board gives it a modern edge. What a nice substantial addition to your portfolio!

Marion said...

Very impressive. The thought of doing a piece this big makes me shake.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful job. The mottled background turned out perfectly!

Katherine said...

I think this is a splendid piece Nicole. Very impressive.

It's a really difficult size and format to work in effectively but I think both the design and the treatment work well.

Nicole Caulfield said...

Thanks Ranjini! Yep I can fix that little part! I think I know what I'll be doing in the vertical one this size, but I don't want to let anyone know yet! ;-)

Thanks everyone! The only problem with the size that things that I had already dne would get smudged or rubbed off sometimes when working with the oversized board.... if I could get better at preventing that then I'd be set.

Thanks Katherine! I appreciate it!

Fannie said...

Beautiful piece, Nicole.

Belinda Lindhardt said...

This is just beautiful Nicole as always :) you should try and take a pic if you can where it is hanging ... it sounds like it will be just perfect :)

Casey Klahn said...


Nicole Caulfield said...

Thanks Fannie, Belinda and Kasie!

I will Belinda!! Or at least I will try and not to forget to!