Friday, December 14, 2007

Christmas Shopping Recap!

As the holidays are getting closer and closer, I wanted to let everyone know where my artwork is available at the moment!

I have about 10 pieces available at the Monadnock Fine Art Gallery in Keene New Hampshire which include still-lifes of shoes, apples (the large one), wine, and flowers! This is where the bulk of my work is, with sizes varying from 8" x 10" up to 12" x 36"!

10 miniature pieces were sent to the Sharon Art Center Gallery in Peterborough New Hampshire as well as a couple of standard sized pieces. This is a unique opportunity as I don't usually do miniatures.

5 still-lifes, all 6" x 18" going horizontally, are at the new Vaughan Gallery at 75 Congress St in Portsmouth, NH. Images that are at the brand new Vaughan Gallery are below.

here's the Vaughan Gallery official press release which includes their silver gallery.

PORTSMOUTH — Green River Silver Co., Rhode Island's largest importer
of fine sterling silver jewelry, will be opening its fourth location
from 5 to 8 p.m. on Saturday, in the Ben Franklin Block at 75 Congress
St. Looking for this fourth location, the company explored eastern Connecticut
and communities west of Boston before settling on Portsmouth. In addition
to the Green River Silver Co., brothers John and Dan Goldman are opening
Vaughan Gallery, a fine art gallery at the same location. The work of
local and regional painters, potters and printmakers will be on display.
The inaugural show, titled "People, Places and Pottery," will be on
display through the holiday season. Painters Jonathan McPhillips, Nicole
Caulfield and James Kubiatowicz, and printmakers Grace Bently-Scheck,
Carol FitzSimonds and Richard Harrington will be showing their most
recent work, along with potters Marguerite Hall and Nermin Kura. For
more information, visit Green River's Web site at


Jay said...

Gah, your art is gorgeous!!! I just got a big present (120 FC colored pencil set), but it's going to take me yeaaaaaaaaaaaars to get to where YOU are!! such an inspiration, though! (I might be developing an obsession, I check this journal every day! hah)

Nicole Caulfield said...

Thanks Jay!!! I wish I could post everyday!! :-)

Liz P said...

Wow! You are a busy woman! And I agree with Jay; such an inspiration!

I have tagged you on my blog, where, by the way, there's a portrait posted which was inspired by your work. Thank you!

Katherine said...

Doesn't it look simply splendid when posted here all together - it feels like a reall gallery experience!