Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Wine Still-life

No, this isn't deja-vu... consider it like one of those "What's Different" puzzles.

I plan on bringing this one to the Monadnock Fine Art Gallery. Either this one or the last one I posted will be sold in the gallery while the other one will go to the client.

This again is 6" x 18"

13 days till Christmas!


Cindy said...

Both beautiful and both scream "Nicole". It would be hard to choose between them

Rita said...

These are both beautiful, Nicole! That said, I do prefer the second one over the first. The angle in this one is more pleasing and the inclusion of the corkscrew brings me back into the piece when my eye wanders over it.
Very, very nice work!

Nicole Caulfield said...

Thanks Cindy!I'm so glad you said they say Nicole as worried a little about that!

Thanks Rita! That's true about the corkscrew - I was worried it was too full of stuff, but it worked out better than I thought.