Saturday, December 1, 2007

the Wild Pair

My family and I had a wondeful time as usual in Illinois for the holiday.

I have unpacked and that's about it since I've come back.

I also finished off this piece which I started before we left. Its 11 x 14."

I dare say this is not a very good photograph, I took it with all artificial light and no sunlight which plays with the image some if you don't have the right equipment.


ddmozart said...

Love your work, Nicole and that you use pastelboard by Ampersand! About how long does it take you to do a 5"x7" piece? Was this piece done on Ampersand Pastleboard?


Cindy said...

What I want to know you wear these shoes? ;-)

Another wonderful "shoe" painting!

Nicole Caulfield said...

Thanks Debbie! Actually I'm not sure how long I took on this one. It was longer than usual as I split up the time, starting it before I did my girls portraits, and not finishing it until after the thanksgiving holiday. Usually things this size take me between 10-15 hours nonstop.

Hi Cindy! No... :-( I don't wear these shoes. I bought them on ebay just to draw and didn't even pay attention to what size they were!

Casey Klahn said...

Did you say these were a size 11 and a size 14? Just kidding.
Every time I tune in here, your paintings get better and better, Nicole.