Saturday, January 26, 2008

Grapes on a Crate

First off, I need a title. Grapes on a Crate just won't do.

I have to say during this whole process I was very skeptical. I was skeptical of my decision to pair the elegant white bowl and grapes with a brown old crate and surroundings. I was skeptical about all the space around the object - too much too little? I was skeptical about my abilities with the watercolor underpainting. Working with the watercolor is like doing a basic watercolor paitning and then beating it into submission with the dry colored pencil. I do enjoy the watercolor and it brought back memories of pushing around the wet pigments, lifting out color etc. but pairing it with colored pencil is a bit of a tug o' war.

The question on this technique however is "Is it worth it?" The reason why I was doing this new technique is its a way to use white board instead of colored. On the colored board, it brings down the tonal values automatically by the board color influencing all the colors/values in the piece. Its ot a problem unless the artwork is not lit well and it annoys me beyong belief when a piece doesn't show well because of lighting when displayed. I kind of miss the speckliness of my usual technique though when I look at this. I've always thought the specks give them a feel like an old movie reel or a memory.

I can still make changes on it add color etc. The photo is a bit skewed from camera distortion so try and ignore that.


Deborah Ross said...

I think you've done everything right! The background is lovely and warm and there is just the right amount of light in the largest area so that it doesn't dominate the picture. And your description of beating the water media into submission with the pencils is perfect! I love that...couldn't have thought of better words myself. Now I will smile and think of you each time I'm doing that.You are a master, Nicole.

Jo Castillo said...

The technique works. It is just beautiful.

Bob Ebdon said...

Looking good to me Nicole. I know what you mean about losing some of the texture though, and this seeming then to be not quite in your "style" - but it is still great! Don't criticise it for what it isn't - go with what it is.

Nicole Caulfield said...

Deb! Thank you I appreciate it. Its hard to try new things so I'm eating up the encouragement!

Thanks Jo!

Thanks Bob - I know you're right. I'll try to plug along.

BTW any C& C is appreciated, I think I'll still add some more to this. I was given the advice to glaze in some more complements.

Carmel said...

The background looks beautiful. The contrast between the crate and the bowl sets it off. As the artist, you are probably noticing little details close up that cause you to question the technique. We, the viewer, see the continual creativity and beauty of your work. It is interesting to see your success with white pastelboard. I have not had the same success although I am starting to understand why. Thank you again for sharing.

Cindy said...

Even trying new things, I am seeing your unique vision shining through.

Rita said...

You've rendered a success Nicole! I actually like the contast of the clean white bowl against the old crate, there's somethng very interesting about that combination that just works.

Despite it having a slightly different look than your other pieces I can most definitely still see your touch in this one. Thanks again for sharing this, I think you've done an excellent job with your "experiment"!

Belinda Lindhardt said...

I like it Nicole. I think it looks great, while it might be a little different from your usual style it think it has a softer more romantic feel, so maybe you could do this when that type of feeling is more warranted ? (just an offhand thought :)
but as usual i think its just beautiful :)