Sunday, January 27, 2008

Caulfield's Dairy

I still want to add some glazes on that watercolor one, but here is a little one that had to be done. Can you see why?

It's 8" x 10" on grey pastelbord with my favorite dry colored pencils. I actually got to scan it in instead of photograph it because of its size. It looks so different this way and you can enjoy the texture. :)


Belinda Lindhardt said...

Oh Nicole .. i absolutely love it.
Its fabulous ..if i have to pick at something i am not sure of the background apple colour it maybe looks a little yellow, similar to a tomatoe but thats only nitpicking.

Also, i have tagged you. Absolutely no obligation sorry to pass on the burden ... as i said no obligation whatsoever i wont be at all offended. :)

Bob Ebdon said...

Love this one Nicole - that pip is stunning, just filling the space withexactly what was needed.

siti nuriati said...

Hi Nicole :) What a beautiful painting, as always. I know why you had to do this one. The word on the bottle, 'Caulfield'! :)

Nicole Caulfield said...

Thanks Belinda!! You tagged me? I don;'t know how much else people don't know about me I'm afraid! :)

Thanks Bob! Much appreciated!!

Yep Siti!! Thanks!

andrea joseph's sketchblog said...

Gosh, where to start? The bottle? The apple? I don't know where. Just amazing.