Monday, January 28, 2008

Updates & a new trick or two!


I had sprayed the milk bottle drawing with fixative to prevent dark pencil from rubbing off (all pastelbord users understand that!) Then I went in to fix the bottle distortion that someone pointed out and I was trying to ignore .

So I went in with my new set of polychromoss that I got for Christmas. The reputation of polys is that that are oily and can glaze well, so I thought that would be perfect over fixed pencil & IT WAS! It blended in a smoothed things out - it was yummy. I went in and tried to tighten up some of the grain in areas I was having trouble filling in with my other pencils - like the table top and the red apples. It worked so well! I didn't do it all over - mostly the table top and the apples. Can you tell?

I think I will add this step in all my worki. Fixing then refining grain and details with polys. I'm going to try the same thing with my Caran D'Ache Pablos and see if it works the same.

I said a trick or two - My friend Gary Ruuska just told me at the last CPSA meeting that you don't need a saw to cut pastelbord - which I thought you needed. All you need to do is score on both sides with a utility knife and snap. I tried it today and it worked perfectly! Thanks Gary!

& the second update. I glazed some complements over the left upper side as well as here and there on the grapes and crate top. OK its finished. :D


Cindy said...

Great finishes! Love the complement on the background of the grapes. And I am going to dig out my polychromos and see if I love them as much as you do.

vivien said...

it looks great :)

I love polycrhomos and Lyra

Jo Castillo said...

Beautiful. Thanks for sharing your ideas and experiments. You make CP look so easy, I may try again...