Friday, February 22, 2008

Blast from the Past - Sort Of

This is what I worked on this week. It is a commissioned piece for someone who bought another one and wanted a set.

Besides doing that piece, I've been working on framing. Oh boy... not something I enjoy doing, but not something I like to pay for either.

I have some big deadlines coming up: I'll be the featured artist at the Sharon Art Center Juried Gallery in Peterborough next month, so I will be bringing a large collection of my work there. As soon as I have the collection gathered together and framed, I'll take a picture of them.

I will also be bringing 2 of my blue pieces to Vaughan Gallery in Portsmouth New Hampshire next week & I've brought new pieces to Monadnock Gallery in Keene, NH. So if you have been to these galleries before, its time to go see what's new.
& last but not least my youngest daughter turned 5 last weekend and this coming up Sunday she will be having a princess party at our house with her preschool friends. I've been trying to get ready for that, but I don't think you can ever prepare well enough for little birthday parties. At least she wants a princess party - I can remember my older daughter's 6th birthday party - Hawaiin - and how we tried to learn how to hula dance from a dvd and me running the show at the party... well let's just say that the other mothers that stayed had a laugh. Hula dancing is not my strongest talent.


Alvin Richard said...

Beautiful painting, as are all of your posting. I love your choice of frame. Can you give me the details where this frame is from? You have an amazing talent. Continued success, and good luck with the party!

Paula Pertile said...

This is beautiful Nicole!

Good luck with the princess party. :~)