Tuesday, February 12, 2008



Red is actually my personal favorite color in paintings. I didn't know this until I realized almost every painting I've bought has prominant red in the composition.

Just the beginnings of this one. I did a little underpainting on the teapot. Some dark green under the shaded parts and some light peach and orange under the lightest to medium parts. Then I went over it with the appropriate red for that area: dk red over the shaded and scarlet over most of the rest.


Liz P said...

This is so beautiful already! I think red is special, too. Besides the obvious warmth factor, the way that light and shadow on a red object create such varied hues seems unique. I don't know how or why... maybe it's just my perception.

Now a weird thing. I just set up a still life with this same teapot in it (except it's green). I've paired it with an antique teapot... sort of like an old lady and a young lady.

Looking forward to seeing the rest of this one!

Michael Finley said...

I like the unfinished ones. Kinda like a performing art. What is that tea pot doing up there? What is going to be under it or is she going to cut the board. “It’s a miss it’s a miss it’s a mystery.” Wizard of OZ

Nicole Caulfield said...

This will have some old tea cups - modern/granny thing too!

Michael that would be a great title to a piece!

I've done more, but I am having trouble photographing it - I think it is actually TOO sunny!