Sunday, March 16, 2008

Abstract Triptych

I started a new project, leavng those box ones to the side for now. What I am doing is a a tritych of three views of a crumpled paper bag, with each box getting closer to the bag and therefore, a more abstract composition. So this one that's first is the furthest away and the least abstract. They will each be 12 x 12" making a 36" x 12" composition when all three are finished. The plan is to finish this and then pick my favorite image from it and redo it larger, maybe 24 x24," because that's the biggest square I can get Pastelbord to come in without special ordering.

I've always enjoyed rendering paper and paper bags. I first did as an assignment in high school, and in college I spent half a semester drawing crumpled paper in my lithography class at Northern Illinois University. That was by accident though, and one of my favorite art school stories. We were supposed to come to class with an object. That is all we knew. Of course I forgot to bring one, so when the teacher asked us to take out our object I tore out and crumpled up a piece of paper from my steno notebook and said that was my object. The teacher, who's name was coincidentally Sean Caulfield, just shrugged when he saw my object. Then he informed the class that that object was going to be the inspiration for everything we would be doing for the rest of the semester. Every image I would have to make for weeks had to be derived from that piece of paper! It turned out great though and was a really fun object to play with.
I've done quite a few pieces with paper as a subject lately too and made a new catergory on my website for it, although I didn't have photos of them all to include on that page.
If this project goes well, I plan on doing more abstract triptych studies,including fabric as well as paper. Although. I have how many series going on right now??


Belinda Lindhardt said...

really love the concept Nicole of getting closer to your image hmm i think i might have to try that one day and love how this is looking. Can't wait to see how it will turn out i am sure it will be brillant :)

Ann said...

This is an intriguing idea for a series - reminds me of O'Keeffe and here Jack-in-the-Pulpit series. Can't wait to see where you go with this one!