Sunday, March 16, 2008

We were so lucky to have Jennifer Maestre bring her pencil sculptures to our cpsa meeting last Saturday! Some things she told us that I was really surprised about:
  • The pencil stubs are actually beads (after she drills a hole in them) and the sculptures are strung together like traditional beading sculture techniques, as well as ones she had to invent.

  • they are pliable/flexible

  • No glue involved!
She also had an inventive way to sharpen those teeny pencil nubs - she attaches the stub to the end of a drill and then puts a hand pencil sharpener on the stub and turns on the drill! Kind of too big of a setup though to tote along to a workshop.

She brought along her jewelry made out of colored pencils too and I got a great necklace!

On another note: I haven't touched by triptych since I last posted. I am busy working on getting the house in order before the cruise. Why? Because my mother will be flying in from Chicago and staying here, for the entire week without me, while she watches the kids. So just as last year, I am cleaning out closets and getting some painting projects done. At the moment I am spattered with PINK BLISS paint as I'm taking a break from paitning my daughter's bedroom. It pains me because I am paitning light magenta paint over the murals I painted in her room before she was born.

I'll be back to the colored pencils sometime this week, before the next painting project!


Deborah said...

Thanks for your links on this post. I've seen Jennifer's work online and admired it. Wow. Does she solicit used pencils? And, Nicole, I hope you have pictures of the murals you are obliterating!

Jo Castillo said...

Sounds like lots of work to go have fun! We will miss you while you are gone. I too, hope you have photos of the murals.

Nicole Caulfield said...

Deborah - actually she doesn't. She buys rose art pencils by the case for the pencils. & then Faber Castell has sent her cases to sponsor her as well.

Did you see her jewelry online Deborah? I now have earrings and a necklace!

Thanks Jo! I do have some photos somewhere!