Sunday, March 30, 2008

Bag Triptych Finished

So this will look really different from the last post!
I really had fun with these. The top one, if you remember, was done with just dry colored pencils. The bottom two were done with neocolor II washes under dry colored pencil.
Now the plan was to blow one of these up big. Which is your favorite?


Anonymous said...

I like the middle one best; almost looks like it's 'blooming.' Love the glow of light coming through the paper in the bottom two.


vivien said...

the last one the last one she says jumping up and down!

beautifully abstracted that last one :>)

Laura Zarrin said...

These are gorgeous! I also use Caran d'ache, dry. I usually highlight a bit with the neocolor. How do you do the washes? Does the paper buckle? I must try this! The glow is incredible!

Michael Finley said...
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Michael Finley said...

I like the middle one best. I think the last one would look cool blown up.

Cindy said...

The middle one...although all 3 together look somewhat "humanoid".

Love the glow that you achieved in the last 2.

Katydid said...

I have been a long admirer of your work, but haven't commented before.

Your pieces are just gorgeous! The middle and bottom are both fighting for my attention, but I'd have to say the middle one.


Anonymous said...

the middle one is the best by far

the top one doesn't really go with the should replace it with a different looks out of place

Belinda Lindhardt said...

I was originally going to say the middle one .. but i think its the photo the large photo of the last one looks great, i think this one is fantastic :)

Maureen said...

Nicole, I'm like Katydid -- I have been receiving your email updates for a while now and I don't think I've ever commented before (though I do occasionally have CRS in my old age and can't always remember the crumbs I've left around the web) :)

So this morning's email brought me here -- I really like all three pieces in this triptych. Butit would be hard for me to choose just one to enlarge. There is a Gestalt aspect to the triptych, at least for me, in that the "whole is greater than the parts." Somehow it is the context of the three together that expresses the essence of brown-paper-bag, and each one by itself becomes less meaningful that the whole.

fwiw, I would like to see all three enlarged and printed, then hung side by side rather than vertically. That's just me and my esthetic.

well, if i really really had to pick just one it would be the last one. I love the abstract nature of that one, and as others have noted -- the glow of light through the brown paper is fantastic. :)

Maureen said...

imho the top one fits the series just right. No reason they all have to have the same lighting or colors. :)hpuhe

Reflections From Life Art Blog said...

I choose the middle one, definitely Nicole!!!!! These are great! You should enter it into CPSA this year. Lots of paper bag drawings have won awards there in the past, maybe you'll be the next one. *wink*


Nicole Caulfield said...

Thanks Sandi and Vivien!

OK so its down to middle or last for sure! I seem to really like the middle one, but think that the last may be better bigger.

Laura I did it on Pastelbord which is a treated masonite so bucklng isn't a problem. Then my technique was just to look hard at the bag and decide which color I thought was glowing through the actual color of the bag. Its different in different spots so I blocked in different colors for most of the shapes, then worked dry pencil on top of it. You can see the middle one half way done (with just the glowing colors blocked in) in a previous post.

Thanks Michael!

Humanoid huh Cindy! :) I think I'll be chopping this puppy up!

Thanks Kate!

Thanks anonymous - Unfortunately they are all on one board so I can't really replace one! But if they were split apart I think the top one would fit better.

Thanks Belinda!!\

Thank you Maureen! You are so right - I photoshopped them side by side and they look MUCH better that way!

Thanks Nancy! I already sent in my cpsa, so not this year!

Kathy said...

HI Nicole, I would love to see these set up next to each other horizontally. I didn't realize that it was all one piece! I thought they were separate pieces set next to each other. Maybe the next one!!

Deborah said...

My favorite is the middle one, because of the way the light is coming through. It's beautiful!