Monday, March 31, 2008

New classes coming up & some technical problems!

  1. Tommorrow starts a new session of my pen & ink class at Artworks in downtown Keene (tuesdays 6-8pm). It is an eight week class but you are allowed to drop in during any class. We start with basic strokes to wild ones with a pen and work on live objects set up with dynamic lighting. Later in the course ink washes are added to the lessons.
  2. If you want just a taste on pen & ink I will be doing 2 short classes on April 7th and April 14th in Artwork's Sampler Class series, also 6-8pm.
  3. In May I will have my first weekly colored pencil class at the Sharon Art Center in Peterborough, NH. Painterly Colored Pencil Thursdaysat the Sharon Art Center SchoolMay 15 - June 5 Thursdays (4 3hour sessions)10am - 1pm
Now... I am working on my other daughter's portrait. I haven't gotten my Fisher paper order yet, but I had a little scrap left so I did a mini 4x3" preliminary drawing to work out the values and color on her face. I'd love to show you all but I am having technical difficulties connevting to the internet on my computer an dam just typing this post on my husband's. I'll have the problem fixed soon so I can post images.

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