Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Coming Up Dry

Since I finished Room With A view, I've been trying to compose another piece for my box series. I've sat with a sketchbook and scribbled out ideas based on objects I knew I had in the house for still-lifes. I took out the objects and tried arranging them and lighting them and after a full week, I still don't have something I am happy with . & that's not just one idea that fell short... I had several ideas I pursued and wasn't happy with any of them.

Still-life. Its harder than it looks.

One full week of work without anything to show for it.

But I know in the end, I will finally come up with something.

I loved drawing from still-lifes in college. We'd get to class and the teacher would have a table set up in the middle of the room with our drawing horses radiating around it. All you had to do was get there early and look through the mess of well-lit objects, and using your hands formed like a a rectangular window to look through, scope out a good composition to draw from for the day.


hbedrosian said...

Well, it certainly doesn't look easy to me! I'm amazed at the compositions you come up with. If it helps at all, I think you should include the shell - it has interesting colors and curves.

Jael Bendt said...

Oohhhhhh! I am absolutely in LOVE with the first three, especially the second one!!!

The second looks great to me because the blues and oranges make each other pop and it just makes it so pleasing and interesting to the eye.
Definitely doesn't look easy to me either! I agree with Holly!

Can't wait to see these drawn, if they are.


Deborah said...

I like the third one if you move the tree picture up a smidge. I can't wait to see what you end up doing, because it will be spectacular!

Reflections From Life Art Blog said...

Sheesh, if you have this much trouble setting up a still life, what hope do I have?? I've been hoarding items wanting to set up my own still life, but I just can't seem to get anything the way I find pleasing and interesting. I thought it was just me. *shrug* I don't feel so bad now, but I am sorry you are having a difficult time of it. I always look forward to new paintings by you!


Katherine Tyrrell said...

If it's any help to Nicole or anybody else reading this, there seems to be a general end of winter slump going on at the moment. I think this is the third post like this I've read this week. Must be the moon or something! Or maybe it's time to do the accounts!!!

Beth said...

That's good to know Katherine. I know I'm in a slump. Just can't seem to get started on anything.

I like the last 2...especially the last one. I like the message in the bottle.

Alvin Richard said...

They all have a trompe oeil quality to them....great subject matter.