Saturday, May 24, 2008

Portrait: Rob

11" x 16" Colored Pencil on Fisher 400 paper

Rob was lit with artificial lighting which gave a golden glow and was so much fun to depict. I wanted to try something new with this one - softening the edges more than usual like painters and pastelists do. I like the effect, so I will be using it again.

I actually took progress shots of the drawing that might be fun to view. Please click on them to see them larger.


Anonymous said...

Wow Nicole! Your still lifes are amazing but your portraits take it up a whole 'nother notch!

Your WIP photos make it look like this went pretty fast - how many hours did it really take? Looks like a very direct application of colors with little underpainting?


Nicole Caulfield said...

It took "a while." :)

I didn't do any sort of underpainting in the underpainting sense. I just worked one section at a time and then went back as a whole from time to time and of course at the end. There are anywhere from 2 layers of color in a place to probably 6 at the most, but I'm not sure. The progress shots are a little deceiving because it looks like I just finished a spot and let it be, but I was doing a bit, going back to the piece as a whole, doing another little bit, going bck to the piece as a while, and so on.

Cindy said...

Wonderful portrait with a very painterly soft look. Looks like it could be pastel.

Deborah Ross said...

Once again, you rock, girl!! You always add your own little spin to what others try over and over again to achieve. I'm glad to say I know you.

Jen said...

I love that first 'in progress' shot. The twinkle in the eye looks so lifelike, while the rest is so incomplete, it seems almost surreal. It's amazing how you do a bit here and there.

The final portrait is just incredible! I'm sure you'll have no trouble getting portrait work.

Deborah Ross said...

Nicole, are you abandoning the Ampersand and using only Fisher now>

Nicole Caulfield said...

Thansk Cindy, Deb & Jen!!!

Deb - just for my portraits. I really like the effects I get on it for skin. I can't give up framing without glass though for my still-lifes although I'm sure I'll try a couple on this paper. :-)

Jo Castillo said...

Sigh.... Very good and thanks for the WIP. You are great with your hints and help.