Monday, May 26, 2008

Profile Barack Obama WIP

When I spoke to Monadnock Fine Art Gallery about my portraits, they asked if I still had my other Obama portrait. Which I don't anymore. So I said I would do another one. Again this is from a photo my friend Dan White took at a Obama rally here in New Hampshire. Thanks again Dan!
I decided to try a new paper for it: UART 500 grit. It is the archival version of Ersta paper and I thought might be similar to Fisher 400. It is similar but not the same. Fisher really grabs onto the pencil while UART 500 doesn't and consequently layers seem to disappear as you are working needing to be done over and over again. Although I do not like it as much as Fisher it is a viable alternative and it comes in a larger size than the Fisher 400.

I'll be updating this soon, although I have a busy week this week with a full set of classes, setting up for Art Walk, and the opening for Art Walk on Friday. Not to mention a very sick little 5 year old daughter. :-(


Jo Castillo said...

This is a great likeness.

Sorry to hear about your daughter. Helpless feeling when a child is ill.

Take care.

Bob Ebdon said...

Hope your daughter gets well soon Nicole. This is again a superb portrait, you are really nailing these lately! Have you thought of telling the Senator that you are portraying him? He may well be interested!

Nicole Caulfield said...

Thanks Jo! She is feeling a bit better - the whole holiday weekend though she was under - figures!

Thanks Bob!! I looked to see if there was an Obama email - and I bet he is getting wayyyy too many at his info emal! I could send something I guess.. :-)