Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Art Walk Demonstration Day

Art Walk demonstration day was wet and cool... so although I had a great time getting into the little portrait I was demonstrating - a lot of the school kids didn't come through as they thought they would get caught in the rain. It tuned out pretty dry though with just drizzles here and there. You can barely make out the little porrait I was working on in this camera phone shot. What can I say I forgot my camera.

For those of you who don't know what Art Walk is - its a week long event in Keene NH where the Main Street merchants loan out their precious window space for the week to local artists so all week passerbys can view the artwork. On Wednesday during that week, busloads of school children come down to look at the windows and meet the artists who are out demonstrating for the kids. Its a great event - and an easy one if you want to get one going in your town!

I brought my portrait of Obama with me as well (it seemed like good timing) and dropped him and the portrait of Rob off at the framers at the end of demonstration day so they can get all dressed up for my 2 person show starting June 20th at Monadnock Fine Art Gallery.

I finished my red shoes as well and will have a revised photo to show you all soon!

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Michael Finley said...

What store is your work at? I looked and could not find it.