Thursday, June 5, 2008

Shoe Box Finished

I know this isn't much of a dramatic finish because it was almost finished in the first place, but here it is.

Again the reds have lost values and made the colors different. This is a common problem when photographing or scanning reds. I never had a clue why this was but Peter Hohsl , a member at the Scribbletalk drawing forum, gave me a great explanation on why this might happen.

"Well it's two things: For one red is a dark colour which can cause automatic exposure to set the exposure setting higher than necessary. The other is that you get red shades in real life that lie beyond the boundaries of the available colour space that the camera or even the digital format can reproduce. Combined both factors can result in clipping the red channel and loosing detail. A solution would be to manually under expose."
Now I just need to buy that dslr I've wanted to buy!


Anonymous said...

are you going to do another cruise workshop?? if so let me know i want to take it!! i love your work!

Jo Castillo said...

This is just gorgeous here. I can't imagine how much better the red looks in person. Yummy.

Scott said...

I hope you don't mind. I fiddled around with the reds in Photoshop to make them more saturated. Take a look at this JPEG and see if it looks more like the original.

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Nicole Caulfield said...

ANONYMOUS! I do plan on doing another, but I'm not sure when. I'd love to let you know but you wrote your message anonymously, lol, so pop me an email. Also email Ann Kullberg and let her know you'd be interested in going on a cruise with me. Thanks!

Thanks Jo!

Darn Scott - not quite. In the real pic the back shoe is a darker red to make the front shoe pop. There are a lotof oranges in the front shoe too. Thankls for trying - I appreciate it! I think I'll see if it can fit on my scanner.

Jen said...

Thanks for the explanation on the reds. I've been cursing my equipment for years over the oranges and reds! It's especially frustrating at Christmas, when I use so many shades of red and then they all come out the same.

Still, your shoes look great -- would you ever wear those shoes? ;0)

Michael Finley said...

Sweet. I have seen the other shoes in person and they are more beautiful for real.

Kasie @ ~The Art of Life~ said...

Oh what yummy shoes!
And I'm sure they're even better in real life. I struggle so much with photographing my art. I know how frustrating it is.