Friday, June 6, 2008

Demo from Art Walk

This was what I was working on during that rainy Art Walk.

It was just a demo piece. I actually was supposed to be working on those red shoes, but I was so into them the night before, that I finished them. So I had to go to Art Walk with a blank piece of paper and I grabbed this photo of my daughter's friend. I started with the right eye and DID NOT DO A Preliminary drawing at all. I would NOT usually do that, but I didn't want the school children just to watch me setting lines in place, so I just went for it. Of course that means its a bit off, but oh well!

I also worked with it on a drawing board propped up on an easel and stood. Another first and something I really enjoyed. I often stand up when drawign and hurt my back because I have to bend over the table - so now I think I need an easel!

Its done on UART 400 paper, which I did like! It will make a decent substitute for my beloved Fisher 400 paper when I need it quickly because it is available in the US.

I think I mentioned that UART paper is the same as Ersta paper, and now the paper that Linda Lucas Hardy uses. If you don't know her work, go see it now! I asked on her blog which grit she prefers because UART paper comes in several grits (400, 500, 600, & 800) with it getting smoother as the number gets higher. She wrote back saying she uses the 800 grit, so I'll have to give that a try. So far I've used the 600 (for the Obama portrait) and the 400 (for this demo) and preferred the grittier 400 grit. Linda, I assume uses prismacolors though, and I am using Polychromos, so I'll have to switch and try the prismas on the 800 grit.

and btw, Michael, my window is Moe's clothing, about 2 stores down from Prime Roast! Art Walk will be up through the weekend and will come down next week!


Lynn said...

UART SANDED PASTEL PAPER is not archival. I didn't know if you knew this or not. I wonder what happens to the artwork if it has been sprayed etc. with it being non-archival?

Anonymous said...

what colors did you use for the skin tones

Nicole Caulfield said...

Thanks for the heads up Lynn, but I think they changed that. According to the Dakota pastel site it says: "NEW! (Now Neutral pH) UART SANDED PASTEL PAPER
(Replaces Ersta)."

Hmmmmmmm colors? I used ivory, light flesh, cinnamon, medium flesh, rose carmine, pink carmine, burnt umber, red-violet, and a touch of black. All in polychromos.

Lynn said...

Nicole - someone told me that the UART sanded paper was not archival but the backing paper was. I just checked out the Dakota pastel website and that's what it says too. Not exactly sure what that means though. Archival on one side by not the other? By the way, I LOVE your artwork! You keep me inspired!

Michael Finley said...

I did the Art walk in Keene and saw your window. The portraits are wonderful. I am still stunned by the difference in person. My mom saw the self portrait and did not know the sharpener and pencils on the portrait were drawn. I was forewarned and there for I knew.