Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Portrait Update 2

There's a hole in my head... dear Liza...

So I got a bit done last night.... the kids went to bed at 10 and I stayed up until midnight so I could work on it for a little bit. I've gotten the background white color finished in the lower right corner. I hope the stark white background will make the portrait a bit more contemporary and graphic.

off to swim lessons... again!


nbd95 said...

Wow Nicole! I have been watching your portraits come alive, and I gotta say, I love all of your work, but this could be your calling! I LOVE the almost confrontational look in this piece. You really can't look away.
All of the portraits you have done so far have great personality. Can't wait to see the final and what's next. -- Denise

Anonymous said...

Hi Nicole, is this Bob Dylan or a twin? I think its great. I hope you'll be doing a future workshop somewhere near Boston. I love all of your works! Jackie

Nicole Caulfield said...

Thank you Denise!!!

Hey Jackie! That is too funny. No, its not Bob Dylan - just someone who really likes Bob Dylan!