Thursday, June 26, 2008

Portrait Update 3

Please excuse the fact that I'm eating my icecream from the icecream man while posting my update on Blogger! The kids have eagle ears when it comes to the icecream man!
I'm plugging away on this but slowly! I could only put another wee hour into it today, just enough time to fill in the hole in his hair and officially start the background. I was going to do the background all white but after MUCH debate, I decided to grey it some. Light grey but then getting darker towards the top. I'm also softening the edge on his hair then, which I think will help the viewer focus on his face rather than the rim of his rather large hair.
For the tecnique-geeks I am first putting a layer of white over the entire background and then layering my greys/blues over the top of it which gives it a nice glow like oil paintings can have with these types of backgrounds.

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