Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Spring Classes Over

That means its summer right? If the temperatures have any influence then it is! We were up to 100 degrees here in New Hampshire the last few days. & yes most of us in New England do not have central air-conditioning. I do however have 2 window units that were chugging along, but that were nowhere near my studio in the house.

I want to share the last two projects we did at my 5 week colored pencil class at the Sharon Art Center.

First is 3 backlit citrus inspired by the amazing Cecile Baird's work from the national CPSA exhibition in Chicago - of backlit citrus. Our attempt was done differently than her technique however - using a watercolor pencil underpainting on sand-coloured Pastelbord first and then dry colored pencil on top. It was not a very easy assignment - but take a look at those values! Wow - you guys did a great job!

& our last assignment was - white on white. We first did a grey underpainting using every shade of grey - some used cool grey, others french grey. Then we observed what colors we could see in the cup and applied them on top of the grey pencil.

I was worried this would be a hard assignment - but everyone did so well!

Thanks for a great class everyone!!!!! I really had a good time!


Laura Zarrin said...

I absolutely love the backlit citrus!! I've always thought that sliced citrus have a stained glass look to them--only better!!! I'd love to try that.

Jo Castillo said...

Nicole, just wonderful, wouldn't we all like to be in your classes. You are an inspiration! I have finally tried colored pencil on Pastelbord. Thank you!