Friday, August 1, 2008

Summer Blues

This summer seems to be lasting forever... is that a good thing? Well yes in that I can spend so much time with my lovely girls, but no, because I have not much time for my art. I find myself wishing for stormy weather so I can get more work done, but I am aware that I shouldn't expect much time for my art career in the summer.

I am leaving for my annual summer trip back home to the Chicago suburbs next week, and I don't envision getting any work done before that. School starts at the end of August and I will be able to kick things in gear again, so if you don't subscribe to this blog, you may want to so you won't miss when I start posting again.

This will be a big year (yes I seem to start my year in September like a school teacher) in that my youngest daughter will be going off to all day kindergarten and I will have that time to dedicate to my art career from 9-3 which is so amazing. Watch for lots of exciting things happening in 2008/2009! & if you don't you have permission to pester me! When I get back from visiting relatives (and yet more swimming with the kids) I hope to have a concrete goal list for the year to share with all of you.

In the meantime, if you live in the area or in driving distance, these are my classes coming up at Artworks in the Fall for 8 week sessions and rsubsequent classes epeating through the winter.

Colored Pencil
6-8 pm Mondays
Starting in the Fall
Artworks 30 Washington St, Keene, NH
(a division of Moco Arts)

We will be working on sanded paper learning all the techniques and a variety of subjects. Supplies are supplied, but contact me if you love to buy supplies and want the best! I'll set you up with a good list.

Still-life Open Studio
10am - 12pm Mondays
Starting in the Fall
Artworks 30 Washington St, Keene, NH
(a division of Moco Arts)

I am very excited about this. I'll be setting up still-lifes for everyone to work from with differing color, texture etc themes. Bring your own supplies, or use the ones in the studio. If you can't make my colored pencil class, but can this open studio I will be happy to work on colored pencil techniques with you at this time (beginners or advanced) just let me know ahead of time! Otherwise its a free form open studio, lots of work in a fun atmosphere. We will also have informal discussions about still-lifes compositions/lighting etc past and present.

If you are not from Keene but would like to come for just a day you can drop-in for a fee and I will try my best to accomodate your needs. If you want to do this, give me an email and we can set up some time possibly before and after class for one on one work.

Classes start the beginning of September - call MOCO arts to sign up! Tel: (603) 357-2100

& just fyi for any readers in Florida - I have scheduled a workshop in February with the Ft Lauderdale CPSA chapter - so watch for more information!


Michael Finley said...

I can without reservation say Nichole is the finest art instructor I have ever had. OK she is the only one.

I have enjoyed every class and learned so much.

I was given a class as a birthday present. How cool is that?

So sign up and give yourself a gift unless you are lucky like me.

Anonymous said...

I am jealous... no, I am JEALOUS ! I cannot tell you,how much I regret that fact,that I am not able to atend the workshop,because I am living on the other side of the pond.And how I envy those people,who will make it to the Nicole`s workshop... You are very,very LUCKY!
Nicole,any chanse you`ll be doing web-based courses/workshops ? Please? Pretty please ?

Janet said...

I echo that previous comment - yes, we who live over the other side of the big pond will miss out on your workshops, boo hoo! I would also really love you to be able to offer online workshops/courses. Any chance, Nicole??

Perpetual Chocoholic said...

I've enjoyed looking through your art work. It's leaves me with a sense of peace.

Jo Castillo said...

Some of us on this side of the pond are JEALOUS, too. A long ways from here to there. Sigh. Nicole I wish you the best on this new year.