Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Lemons and Chrome

I think I must REALLY enjoy doing portraits, because now I am portrait thirsty. pant, pant....

Oh well! I've got a more figurative "portrait" up my sleeve that I'll start as soon as I get my larger sheets of Fisher 400 paper.

I started this little one today. Its 8" x 10" on pastelbord. So far I've used Coloursofts and Luminance - my favorite pencils for Pastelbord. I also used my black Supracolor and Neocolor watersoluable pencils from Caran D'Ache in the background.
More to come tomorrow.


Chantell said...

Hmmm...Luminance pencils. I've never tried them before. Now I'm curious! I wonder how they'd preform on textured clayboard?

This piece looks like it's going to be a gem, Nicole.

Elina said...

Yet another feast for our eyes ! :-)
Can I ask you - how do you do a set-up ? Do you put all things as you like them, add a light and draw them from life or is there other way ? How do you achieve that gorgeous light,that I admire in every your piece of art? Am I asking too much questions ? :D

Plein Jane said...

Another great piece! What is the difference in Neocolors, Inktense, and Watercolor Pencils - and are they interchangeable?

Thanks for all your help -

The Golden Frog said...

Hi Nicole, looks great! I posted that picture I was talking about in my blog, so if you want to go and look please do, it is however a "work in progress" so there are quite a few unfinished areas. L Kim

Nicole Caulfield said...

Chantell - Luminance pencils are wonderful - like prismas without all the problems. Coloursoft are fun too if you haven't tried them yet.

Elina - lots of questions, lol. Well I could do a lighting post sometime... I did in the past so you might want to search my blog for that post? But all I do is use an adjustable reading lamp fitted with one of those bulbs that says it gives more natural light. Not the expensive ott ones, but the ones that look like regular light bulbs. Reveal I think its called. Usually I photograph my setup moving things around to try different positions and lighting arrangements, and then use the photos when I draw. It was always easier to work this way when the kids were around and I'm still doing it! Plus you don't have to worry about fruit going bad and lighting changes.

Hi Jane -

Neocolor II's are a watersoluable crayon instead of a pencil.

Inktense are actually dried ink in pencil form - they're great but most colors are not lightfast.

& then watercolor pencils - I don't know wat the base of those are, since there are many brands. The lighfastness will vary by brand.

Thanks Kim, I'll go take a look.