Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Little Pot

Little Pot
10" x 8"
$450 framed - $350 unframed
Another I can't photograph well! The colors have gone garish on my screen... but you get the picture, a bit anyway!


Chantell said...

I love the yellowed transparency reading through on the lemon slices. This is a beauty!

Vicki said...

Dear Nicole,

I am so grateful for the beautiful work and information you share through your posts. This is a quick question about the Fisher 400 which I am trying now: Because I cannot see or feel this paper as if you were working on it right in front of me as in a class, please tell me if you ever find areas of your 400 pictures becoming quite smooth (less toothy) compared to other areas? I have been working and reworking my picture's background to match and remember the color of my Mom's eyes (the sample on flat paper did not produce the same effect on the Fisher - as easily - and I didn't want to give up on this lovely paper). So, I wonder, given your more extensive experience with this 400 paper, do you find some areas of your work smoother than others in the end? I must admit, the smoother this Fisher gets, the more I love the way it takes the color. It is one tough but elegant paper!