Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Tray Art?

This is the new project I started. It is for a fundraiser for the local arts theater the Colonial. The twist is that it is a tray, as the benefit is named "Tray Jolie."
The tray is metal and is primed for oils, so that didn't help ME much! So what I did was cut some pastelbord to fit in the bottom of the tray. I needed 3 boards to do this as I didn't have any boards the right size. When I finish it, I'll varnish it and then glue, or maybe caulk, it to the bottom of the tray, fill in the edges and then paint it out black. Any ideas on what could work to adhere the pastelbord to the tray would be most helpful!


Michael Finley said...

Beautiful work. On my monitor it was a bit confusing with the different pieces. I got it figured out.

To attach it so it will never move I would go with a two part epoxy specifically for paneling to metal. Some epoxy would dissolve the adhesive that holds the pastel board together. The pastel board is Masonite so any adhesives for that would work. Always good to do a little test first. A go to Home Depot and read labels project for sure.

Bath tub caulking is pretty sticky stuff and can be typically removed. said...

This is going to be beautiful Nicole! It is probably too late for this tray, but if you wanted to do something like this again you might try using the Golden Acrylic Ground for Pastels. It would give you the same kind of surface as the pastel board. Then you wouldn't have to use the boards.

Hope you solve the adhesive question! I'm anxious to see the finish!

Julie Boyles

Casey Klahn said...

How about no tray? Would the show allow that? Just adhere to fome and there you are.

Nicole Caulfield said...


Thanks Michael! I'm so glad Aubuchon is around the corner!

Julie I thought about that. I tried that surface once as well as the colourfix primer and I just didn't like fighting the uneveness of the grain. Although it my have been a better choice for this in the long run - no epoxies, cutting masonite etc!

I wish Casey! That would have made it a lot easier!