Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Experimental Wisdom

On to the next one!!

I am going for it with this one. It is about 27" wide and 46" tall. Whew. See what I mean.
Since I am using Polychromos on Fisher 400 and they are very unstable on this surface, like pastels, I am more than a bit worried about this piece. How will I get it to the photographers, for instance, without smudging it? I'll worry about that when the time comes I guess.

The piece of paper fits 2/3 of my 6 foot drawing table. Don't freak out though folks, most of the drawing will be the figure at the top and then a bunch of light grey tabletop below it. I should be able to pull this off working standing up and walking around the table to get at specific parts. I would hang it on the wall and work, but it just doesn't suit my technique, and never feels right when I do that excpet for in later stages when I am just fixing things here and there.


Anonymous said...

very nice

what colors did you use for the face

Rita said...

Wow! This one looks like it will be very dramatic Nicole, I'll be eager to see how it comes out.

Good luck with the size of it, you're a brave, brave woman! :D

Nicole Caulfield said...

anonymous - i don't have the pencils with me right now, but I'll try and list them soon. I used a lot though!

THANKS RITA! haha brave or stupid???? i wouldn't have if it weren't for most of it being blank space.

Elina said...

Hi,Nicole ! You never cease to amaze me ! :-D Are you being inspired by the "does the size of a drawing matter?"
I`d say - this is BIG !!!
You are really very,very brave, but I think that with all talent, that you have, you`ll suceed in everything you`d endeavor !
I am looking forward very much to seeing where you`ll take it! All the best luck to you !

Deborah Ross said...

Nicole, this is your biggest ever, right? I know it will look sensational when you finish. Keep us posted, but judging by how speedy you are when you get going, this will probably be done tomorrow! The face is already arresting.

Chantell said...


I work on a larger scale more often than not. My anti-smudge trick is tracing paper and brown wrapping paper. I usually have a clerk at my favorite art supply store cut a piece (tracing paper) the exact same size as the drawing paper that I'm working on. When you are ready to travel with your work, place the tracing paper on top of the drawing, the butcher paper beneath the clean side of drawing and gently roll wide. Tight is disastrous. Fasten with either large rubber bands or non-stick drafting tape and voila! Good luck!