Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Portland Workshop

There are still some seats left in the Portland Oregon Workshop March 14 - 15th. The deadline to sign up is March 4th so email me if you want some workshop details! For prices and other workshop information you'll want to contact Maggie Turner from the CPSA group which is sponsoring the workshop. 

It will be very similar to the Florida workshop, but one day less. I use two sanded supports - one for my still-lifes (Pastelbord) and one for my portraits (Fisher 400) so I'll give each its own day... plus a bit of color theory. It is supposed to be a sanded support workshop and not exclusively a portrait workshop - but since I use 2 different sanded paper techniques and one woks really well for portraits I decided to use it as a subject. 

Lorraine just asked this question on another post: Do you ever do a workshop near your home but several days in a row so students could stay in a hotel/motel near the workshop? I live in Ct close,but to to far to drive up for a once a week class.
I have thought about doing just that. Actually I was thinking a 5 day workshop on portraits... but what is preventing me from doing that is where I live. Its a great little city near sights to see, a great hotel downtown near perfect places to hold workshops + coffee shops and restaurants. The problem is it is an hour and a half from the airport and I am not sure how to deal with that or if that would stop people from signing up? 

Here's my town on a map - zoom out and take a look where it is. What do you think - is it doable? Would you sign up for such a thing? 

& here's our town wiki 

the EF Lane hotel downtown (which I could possibly get a discount on)

the coffee shop Primeroast whose roasting beans waft up to my studio window every


Jade Scarlett said...

I would love to take one of your workshops. Portland is too far away but if you ever hold a workshop near NYC, I'll be there!


Debbie said...

How about you making a VIDEO of your lessons...that would reach so many people!!


Michael Finley said...

Thomas Transportation has service to Keene from the airports for $200 +-, less if there is more than one person.

I like the idea of more of a “happening” in Keene rather than a seminar at an airport hotel.

Anonymous said...

I probably couln't make Keene from CA but having lived in NH 20+ yrs. I consider it home. Believe my you would not be dissappointed!

The one major problem I see would everyone would have to take an extra day for picture taking pleasures! Did I say problem? NOT!

Nicole I bet if you could do this in or around the middle of Oct. you would have more applicants than you could take...of course expenses would probably be more at that time too...but everyone would get double pleasure...your class and more colors in the foliage than ever could be imagined.