Monday, March 2, 2009

Snow Day

Can you believe the kids have a snow day after being off all last week for Winter Break? Sigh... so I'm still not in my studio yet.

I am spending the day getting supplies ready for the Portland workshop and put together a more specialized list for everyone: 

Supply List Portland, Oregon:

On day one we will be working on Ampersand Pastelbord. I have ordered enough 5x7 boards for everyone which you can purchase from me for cost at the time of the workshop - $5. This way I can be sure noone has trouble getting this vital supply. 

The pencils I will be using on the Pastelbord are Derwent Coloursofts (as a base) and Prismacolor or Luminance on top. Please don't feel like you have to have all those brands of pencils, but since that is what I normally use I would like you to see how I usually work. I will refer to the prismacolor substitute always for a color since that is the norm for what people have. Some prismacolor colors you may want to have for our subjects are: dark green, parrot or peacock green, light aqua or deco aqua, white, black, black cherry, tuscan red, poppy, pale vermillion, cream, white, yellow ochre, pumpkin orange, dark umber. They are NOT the only pencils you might need however, so bring an assortment of other colors. If you have a full set to bring in a box - that I find is the easiest.   

I also decided to add in a little watercolor pencil underpainting and if you can get a hold of a dark red (or dark purple), red, and cream colored watercolor pencil, please bring those with as well as a 1/4" flat CHEAP watercolor brush. I will have about 10 extras of each of the colors of watercolor pencils (to borrow) since this is a late addition and I am sure some people will not be able to get them in time. My favorite brand for watercolor pencils are the Caran D'Ache Supracolor II - here they are on Jerry's online

On the second day we will be doing a simple portrait on my favorite paper for such things: Fisher 400, which Tim Fisher.  Noone will have to pay me for it. We will be using Faber Castell Polychromos, but I am bringing some for everyone to TRY and give back to me at the end of the class to have for my next workshop. You will also use a bit of your prismas on that day too. 

& of course bring a pencil sharpener you like, and some sticky tack.

See you all soon!

I just got some Creatacolor Aqua Monolith watercolor pencils to try.... they are very interesting with NO wood cases. These are not for the workshop - bu as soon as I try them, I'll let you all know what I think.

& for those of you that have been bugging me to write a book or do an online workshop - I am almost finished with my book submission which includes a table of contents and one sample chapter. I just need to do some more examples for the chapter and I'll send it off... send me some good vibes and maybe it will b accepted. I won't say what the book is on exactly except for portraits in colored pencil -- with a little twist. :-)


teylyn said...

(putting fingers on temples) ... vibezzzzz ~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ziss book will be accepptedddd ~~~~~~~~

vibezzzz ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Teresa Mallen said...

teylyn has said it all :-)

Best of luck Nicole, I'm sure it will be accepted!