Thursday, March 26, 2009

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I worked on my portrait a bit more today... but forgot my sd card at home and couldn't take a photo of it. I'll show you all tomorrow. :-)

Above are two pictures from a great gal at my Portland workshop! She did her homework and finished two of the drawings - aren't they great?! The first is a portrait on Fisher 400 paper and the second is a couple of eggs and fabric on Pastelbord. Thanks Carmel for letting me share!

here's what Carmel said: 

I finally finished my eggs from the workshop. These were truly fun to do. When I work on pastelbord I normally do an underpainting in Neocolors and blend my cp with a brush..and use complimentary colors.

The underpainting was completed with color pencils and all the blending was with the pencils. We used pure color, no complimentaries. Prismacolor and sandy color pastelbord. We shaded in the dark areas first and then the light areas and then worked on the transition between the dark and light areas. The dark areas of the eggs were shaded with dark umber. Lots of and lots of layers

We then finished off with a glaze. Although I think I missed putting the green in my glaze. I did put pale vermillion over the fabric. I really love this technique and can see using it some of my work. 
Thank you again Nicole....

More homework...I believe this was more fun than the eggs...

The portrait was done on Fisher 400gt paper. The pencils were Polychromos which I was truly excited about using. I have had a large tin of these sitting in cupboard. Now finally a support that makes these pencils shine

The paper is incredible. It takes so many layers and is very forgiving. It allows you to change and adjust your work with ease. At first I thought the skin tones were too bright however the colors blend beautifully. The skin tones are amazing with just a handful of pencils. I am very excited about this technique and the paper. I ordered 10 half sheets of Fisher paper over Christmas. So I am set. I know members of our Chapter were also excited about the paper and were placing an order. 

I can highly recommend flying Nicole to your hometown for a workshop 

Still outstanding are the shoes....maybe next weekend 

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Carmel said...

Hi Nicole,
Thank you for posting my work. I really love the eggs. I am going to try something similar with cherries and have a portrait line up. Still need to complete the shoes!