Friday, March 27, 2009

Update Shiver

This update is from yesterday... today I played secretary for my husband because he has a scratched cornea that won't heal and can't look at the computer screen. 

The hair looks a little odd right now because it is in the blocking stage. I've just chosen a couple of values to block in the major shapes and on top of those larger shapes I'll add smaller shapes and lastly details on the top. I think I'll add the details though when more of the background is in because the little flyaways will go on top of the background. 

I think you can start to understand where I am going with the major shapes/values of the overall composition at this point. She will have large shapes of darks in her hair and jacket with no details. The background will be muted and light for the most part. I figure if I put the trees etc in as big shapes I can bring the trunks up or down a value later if needed... and decide later how many details o add in as well. 

You should be able to see the hint of houses behind the trees. What I am going for is the idea that she is at the edge of the woods by her house... just like the character in the book Shiver. :-)

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