Thursday, May 28, 2009

Pesto! wip

As I've mentioned before I am culinarily deficient. Yes spellcheck doesn't like that word - but it seems appropriate. I do, however, grow basil outside every year so I can make a couple of big batches of pesto sauce. mmmmmmmm..... Its one of the few things that I think is worth all the watering and caring for that gardening entails, let alone the making of the sauce. I have a mini food processor that is dedicated just to Pesto. :-)

This is small... I usually work life-size but I printed out the reference at about 8 x 12" and really liked the way it looked at that size. The clincher was when I found a piece of scrap Pastelbord just that size in my stacks. In this recession you can't waste any cut offs! :-) You can see the ragged edge where I scored and snapped off the Pastelbord. I could sand that off but it won't be noticeable under the frame edge. Of course this odd sized piece of Pastelbord will need a custom cut frame. Sigh. 

I'm using Polychromos on the Pastelbord so far. I forgot that I even tried Polychromos on Pastelbord and liked it until I found this old post about it.  I like them on the board but I do think it tightens me up since the pencils are harder and keep a sharper point. Of course I only use polychromo for my portrait but they act differently on Fisher 400 paper (the paper I use for my portraits).

Hopefully I will get this finished tomorrow. I have a new portrait to start next! 


Jo Castillo said...

This is beautiful as always. Warm colors and nice mix of textures. I am amazed at how quickly you work in CP.

Carolina said...

I can't but share Jo's comment, you make painting with cp's look so easy...

Anonymous said...

I too have to say you are amazing at how quickly you work in cp. Do you ever go thru a "dry" spell?

Beautiful as usual...eye candy is what I use to describe you work to a friend the other day!


"JeanneG" said...

Beautiful yellow colors in the background. Is your dominant arm getting more muscular from all the cp work? You must work hours at a time.