Thursday, June 4, 2009

How to drop 5-10 years

I haven't finished Pesto yet. I had to frame some things up, deliver to the gallery and get ready for Art Walk in downtown Keene. I am sharing a window with another artist so I just have my piece Zen displayed at Earth Treasures. (Who were so helpful - thank you!). I'll be out there on Friday from 5-8 (give or take a few minutes) to chat and there again on the 10th during the school tours for the kids giving a demonstration.

Now to get to the title of this post - anti-aging. If you or your model have a few wrinkles that you don't want to show, here's how to lessen the look of those wrinkles.

I have this really oooold model I was taking pictures of today... okay its me and I was taking a picture of me in my new glasses to send to my sister back home. I took the first pic in the mirror next to my front door that had side lighting. Side lighting - although I love side lighting for dramatic effects - also makes wrinkles stand out. :-( If you think about it it makes sense - the light is coming from the side and creating a shadow where that wrinkle or crevice is. Sigh... This isn't even harsh light - the light was diffused through the window... so if it were even harsher more intense light, the wrinkles would have been worse.

After uploading that pic on my computer - in an act of true sistership and vanity - I went upstairs to the bathroom mirror where there is more indirect diffuse lighting. The light is more frontal or evenly distributed in the bathroom so the wrinkles don't throw as large of a shadow. Oila - I'm younger!

The light still comes from the side but is slightly more in front of the face than the other photo. The light is also diffused through a shade on the window which helps. Experiment on yourself in different lighting situations and moving the light source to the side and slowly bringing it around to the front of your face. To get a shadow still on the side of the face put the light in front of the face and then slightly turn your head so the light goes slightly off center.

Of course if you wanted more dramatic light like the first pic, you can just paint or draw the wrinkles with less contrast than seen on the model. I always go down a couple of value steps so the wrinkle color is closer in value to the skin color. & I NEVER draw all the wrinkle lines! :-O Since I have the power to leave some out - why not?!


Anonymous said...

You have pretty both pics.

Teresa Mallen said...

Wrinkles, what wrinkles? Your new glasses look great! If only we could be seen by our bathroom light everywhere we go... :-)

"JeanneG" said...

Wait till you are my age. (60). All the light or non light in the world doesn't help. Only the dark. My fat does fill some of them up. lol

Anonymous said...

Jeepers Nicole, I can't see a thing I'd call a wrinkle in either photo! Just more shadows. You're gorgeous and don't look a bit old, silly sausage hehe.

Good tip though, I need those now I've turned forty. *sniffle*

Carolina said...

Hi Nicole!
The only photo of yours I had seen was the one on your profile, these ones have surprised me, and I only have compliments to say about your looks! Thanks for sharing them, and of course for the tip.

bluelilac said...

Thanks for the great tip. You explain things so well and this tip is so helpful to me as I have blundered along with this personal photo thing and I have not been succesful at all.
But then again I have an old face and vanity keeps getting in the way.
You have a beautiful and young face. Celebrate it every day!
And thanks again for all your thoughtful advice!

janet said...

I say keep the wrinkles, they give a face character and are an integral part of every person as he/she ages. By erasing or minimising them, especially in women's faces, we are just feeding society's obsession with youth and youthful looks. A characterful face is so much more interesting to look at!

Paula Pertile said...

So.. what? You went from 24 down to about 16? :~)

Nice glasses.

Luann Udell said...

So, what I should do is hire somebody to run around with me & light me gently from the front & sides....right?
"Oh, pooooool boy....!!"

Deborah Ross said...

Love your new frames....