Tuesday, October 20, 2009

new Commission and pics from show with Gary Ruuska

The autumn commission is put on hold until next week, so I started another commission - this one a portrait/still-life. All I have finished is a transferred line drawing. It really is a still-life that borders on tromp l'oiel. In it are two school portraits from the 70's and a bunch of kid's craft stuff. There are a few objects thrown in that the people depicted in the photographs liked at that age. Wow, it looks kind of weird at this stage... :-)

This piece is both fun and scary to make. I really dislike doing teeny portraits and this one has 2 small ones in it. I have nothing against small portraits - its just that one small milimeter of a mistake can change the likeness. It is much easier to do something around life-size.

& I owe you all some photographsfrom my show with Gary Ruuskain Jaffrey,NH! His work are the wonderful still-lifes and architecture pieces below. He also has gorgeous botanicals in the show, so this is just a sampling from theshow. My work, of course, are the portraits... in the show I have 14 portraits including my Zen piece (which isn't in these photos).


Sarah Knight said...

looks excellent : )

Brandy said...

wow - looks like an awesome show - wish it were down here!

hope you got the email - check your mail in the next day or two :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting the pics of the show. You're doing a better job of marketing my work than I am ;-)

I want everyone who reads your blog to know what a pleasure and honor it is for me to share the gallery with you. I hope we can do it again sometime.

Michael Finley said...

The show is excellent. I am lucky and live in Jaffrey so I get to go and see it all a little at a time.

I thought I met Gary and was talking to him. The person I was talking to must have thought I was crazy. Hopefully it was a least a relative.

Carolina said...

The show's photos look great, and I like to see the way your paintings start, thanks for sharing that photo :)

Nicole Caulfield said...

Thanks guys!

Brandy THANK YOU - I got it today!!! I'll talk to you soon!!!

Gary ditto back to you!!!

Haha Michael maybe it was Gary's brother?

Paula Pertile said...

Looks fabulous! Wish I could see it in person.

Liz P said...

Beautiful show, Nicole (and Gary!)

I especially love seeing the portraits grouped together. They usually tend to go off, far and wide, to their 'homes', don't they? Did you have to borrow some back? Anyway, it is lovely to see... almost like a reunion!

Anonymous said...