Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Update and pumpkins

Here is an update on the portrait commission. I think I owe it an explanation. The client had his and his wife's school photos from 2nd grade.. and asked if I cold draw him pushing her on a swing or something. It wasn't really possible with the little frontal view school portraits so I said no... but I could make a tromp l'oiel with the school photos on a desk with some kid stuff along with them. I asked him what he and his wife were into as kids and incorporated them on the table. I kept the 70's feel of the faded photographs and added a harvest gold tabletop.
The result: one wacky looking non-traditional portrait! I love it... but I have a very warped sense of humour. My favorite part is where the lines above the bee logo match up with the kick lines from snoopy. :-) Oh and the glue heart... who wouldn't like that?
There's loads to do still... and right before I left the studio today I messed up her poor little chin! It will be fixed tomorrow.
I have so much less time lately that while I was waiting for my paper to be mounted to a board by Creative Encounters, I started one of the compositions from that autumn movie I posted.


Brandy said...

BOTH of them look GREAT on my screen! Love them both - wish i were drawing pumpkins right now, lol - must be the weather ;)

Glad you got it! Hope some of it may be of help to ya :D

I LOVE the portrait - very, very cool (esp since it is past the sketch stage hehe) WWAAAYYY better than a swing portrait imho, way cool, lol :)

Carolina said...

Oh boy, you're quick!

Jo Castillo said...

This is so much fun! Love the portrait painting and your pumpkin is sooooo yummy.

Debbie said... the painting with the pumpkin done on Pastelboard? Looks great!


I LOVE YOU said...


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