Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Long & Skinny

I've had a setback with the framing on my lemon piece. I ordered 3 - 12 x 12 frames from Dick Blick in the Simplon frame like I usually do for standard sizes and all 3 have flaws. Specifically they all have spaces at the joints that show like cracks on the front of the frame. I think I would be better off purchasing the frame I buy for the non-standard sizes from (Plein Aire). I'll do that soon so I can get it to the gallery.

In the meantime I am working on a new tall and skinny still-life. I did one in this format a while back that used the same handled bowl with a spoon in it. I really liked the blueish tints the bowl lended as well as the strange shadowy space of the small bowl. The angled spoon really helps move you through the tall composition as does the pattern of the holes on the lace. Actually in these tall and thin compositions it is really important to alternate the directions of everything that points this way or that - even the grain of the wood on the table had to be turned the right direction. In the end you sort of zig-zag through the piece like a ball in a pin ball machine. Relaxing right? ;-) I'm hoping to fnish this tomorrow so you can see the whole composition.

I made Linzer heart cookies recently which are an art form in itself... I love making pretty desserts - there is just something so satisfying about hand loved foods to share with your friends. & sometimes beauty just sneaks up on you... like the pattern left over from dusting sugar on my cookies. :-)


Sarah E. said...

I don't know which is more lovely -- your artwork as a framed piece or as baked goods!! Wonderful!!

Anonymous said...

Nicole, how great to see you on your blog again! The piece is lovely...Wish I could see it IRL...maybe on one of my trips to NH I will find a couple of hours without committments and make my way over.

Meanwhile...we miss you! Hope you are enjoying your new job and know you are keeping busy with family, which is as it should be.

BTW, have you heard anything about the book you submitted? Pam

オテモヤン said...


Jo Castillo said...

This is so wonderful. Anxious to see the finish.

So aggravating when you order something and it is not as expected. :(

We miss your news, but hope all is well and you are accomplishing so much.

Thomas said...

Nicole, it feels like it has been forever since I viewed your work. I had almost forgotten how good it really is, the old WC forums really miss the talented touches of so many great artists that don't post there anymore. But alas, that is the way of the internet, and we grow and move forward. I'm glad to have stopped by to see your work once again, it's always so inspiring to artists who are still learning and working forward themselves.

I always meant to tell you that I preferred your long and skinny works, both vertical and horizontal pieces, the best of any type of still life. I find classic still lifes to be umm... stale, overall, not bad, just old and worn out, they have been done so much.

Your works always have so much life though, whether they be classic in structure or experimental.

I hope to stop in again to see more of your inspiring work!

Liz P said...

Nicole, this reminds me how your skinny still life pieces inspired me so much a few years ago... now it is a favorite format for my own work. Thank you! You continue to teach, inspire and amaze. :~)

Anonymous said...