Wednesday, March 3, 2010

the String, Strung? Not sure yet.

I haven'that t photographed the Long and Skinny one yet, but will soon!

In the meantime I started a portrait today that will hopefully be my CPSA (Colored Pencil Society of America) entry.

I wanted to do a portrait in the same mysterious tone as my Zen portrait of my daughter Katie.

Lizzy wanted to be the model this time - so the kids and I had a whole day/night photoshoot - this is one I came up with. I have another one I'm going to do hopefully b4 the deadline too and pick the best one.

This one is CHALLENGING since most of her face is in shadow! Eek! I really do enjoy doing things in shadow though. Whenever I look at paintings in museums/galleries I am always drawn to the ones where the features are mostly in shadow and how subtle all the tones/color/values have to be to create the form of a face.

This is only 2 hours worth of work... so there's lots to fix but you can get the idea.

Her hoodie is white with all these pastels coming in what looks watercolor-y..

I was planning on hanging a carpenters balance weight from the string but now I think I'l tie it to her finger on her lower hand? not sure.

More to come!!!


Anonymous said...

Nicole, nice to see your post! This is going to be another winner! Your work is wonderful...Is this on pastel board or paper? Pam

Nicole Caulfield said...

Hi Pam! Its on Fisher 400 paper that I had mounted on Gator board.

MrCachet said...

Portraits are difficult, and you seem to do masterfully with the colored pencil, shadow or not!

MrCachet said...

One other thought since you're suggesting an object on the string - I think a carpenter's level would be something that would draw the eye to the face, or perhaps a shiny yo-yo!

Marie Theron said...

An interesting start, Nicole!Waiting with bated breath for the full scene. Will a little puppet make the scene too busy for you?